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My rainforest animal is a jaguar. Over the years, deforestation turned the inland rainforest into a savanna with only a few trees. Now the jaguars are facing many difficulties such as scarcity of food, water, and hiding places. Jaguars love to swim and live near water. Scarcity of water could leave them dehydrated and extremely tired. There are only a few animals that jaguars eat which live in the savanna. As a result, the jaguar will starve more and get thinner without food and water. There are not a lot of places for them to hide from enemies either. For example, an anaconda, one of the jaguar’s enemies, can come out of nowhere and attack the jaguar, which will have no place to hide. However in a rainforest, the jaguar has many places in the ground and in the trees to hide and escape its predators.