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The reticulated python lives in the tropical rainforests of Southwestern Asia. They make homes near coasts, nest on small islands; they are awesome swimmers! They usually eat small mammals and rodents, and one of their top predators are eagles. I'm going to factor in the rising seas and CO2 intensity as the world changes. I think the climate will get warmer, and the sea will rise. I think the reticulated python will need to retreat from water, because they might drown. CO2 intensity may cause genetic modification that allows them to dig and live underground. Furthermore, I think that because of deforestation and other factors, the rainforest may turn into a savanna. Also, because of the habitat change, the snakes' scales will change color for camouflage, so they can hide from predators. In summary, the reticulated python is an awesome reptile that will adapt to a new climate and habitat.