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The green tree python lives in the tropical rainforests located along the equator. A green tree python can be red, yellow, or blue at birth, but they mature into a vivid green. Their color helps them camouflage into the forest. They eat small mammals and reptiles. The tropical rainforests on average have a temperature of about 70-90℉. As global warming drastically changes the environment, the tropical rainforests will degrade into scarce shrublands. The green tree python may be directly impacted by this and may be forced to adapt to the new environment. The evolved python, titled the Morelia Flavum Futurum, will develop insulated skin to trap heat and a ventilation system to regulate body temperature. It also will change color to a light brown and will blend in with its surroundings. Since rain and water are scarce, the python will develop a system to preserve water in its system.