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Currently, the Ocelot is a wild cat that forages by using its keen sight and hearing to search for prey in the dark (it is carnivorous). It camouflages by using its markings and golden brown fur to blend in with the background and uses fangs for killing prey and moving through bushes. Most live easily under canopies in the South American rainforests, because they are double the size of domestic cats. They produce “yowls” for communication. In about 2,500 years, the South American rainforests will most likely become dry shrubland. Without trees, Ocelots cannot escape from predators by climbing trees. If they have wings as an adaptation, they can fly to avoid being eaten. Another adaptation would be growing fur at rates relevant to the seasons. When the season is warmer, it can stay cool, and when there is colder air, more fur can make the Ocelot warmer.