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Gorillas are kind creatures that live in Northern Africa and have much resemblance to the human species. Gorillas weigh around 440 pounds and are 4-6 ft tall. They have large chests and shoulders, five-fingered hands, and small eyes in hairless faces. There are currently about 100,000 to 200,000 of these mammals in the wild. In the future, the lush rainforests will lose many trees, creating habitat loss for these creatures. They will need to find a new way to make a home. Instead of having 5-fingered hands like ours, they will have bigger, stronger fingers and only 3 of them to dig into the ground to make a home. They will also be smaller. Gorillas will be 3-4 ft tall and weigh only 120 pounds. The last adaptation is having less fur. Fur keeps animals warm, but the Earth is going to get warmer so they need to be cool.