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Okapis are an endangered species that lives in the tropical rainforest. They live in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The Okapi's top predator is the leopard. An Okapi can run up to 37 mph and they use their camouflage adaptations to hide from leopards and other predators. Okapi have large ears to help hear predators approaching and also have 4 stomachs to digest the hard plants they eat with their long tongues. According to my predictions the okapis will not survive. If the Okapis survive they will become the Okahide.The Okahide is now one of the most preserved animals on earth. Most plants in the rainforest have gone, so The Okahide has been hiding and camouflaging in the grass to hide predators because there are very few trees now. Their habitat has turned into a savanna.The rainforest turned to a savanna and the okahide developed better eyesight.