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a part of the Bovidae family. DIK-DIKS look like deer but with more of a curved body and a pointed head and a shorter neck. They weigh around 9 pounds and are about 18 inches in length. Female DIK-DIKS are somewhat larger than males. The males have horns, which are small, slanted back, and grooved. An adaptation is that DIK-DIKS have less sweat glands compared to other animals such as cattle. DIK-DIKS live in shrublands and savannas of eastern Africa. They seek an environment with plenty of edible plants and shrubs. In the future I predict that they will adapt to global warming and have a cooler and lighter coat of fur. they will also have bigger and more sturdy feet so they can stand easier on the dry land and maybe they will even have some water storage in the upper back by their neck.