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The Peruvian Spider Monkey, Ateles chamek, lives in Peru, Brazil, and Bolivia It swings from tree to tree with its long arms, legs, and tail to forage for food in the upper layers of the rainforest. Its diet consists of fruits, flowers, berries, and other plants, however occasionally it’ll eat small mammals. Spider monkeys growl, bark, and throw small branches to scare away predators. They use sweat glands to mark their territory. Currently, it’s on the endangered species list. In the future, the Peruvian Spider Monkeys will adapt to Aqua Monkeys because the coastal rainforests they live in will be flooded. They’ll need to have some adaptations like wings to forage for food on land, gills to breathe underwater, webbed feet and a fin for swimming, and camouflage for defense. They’ll keep their lungs. Their lungs will be open on land and the gills will be open in the water.