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The rainforest animal I chose was the red-faced spider monkey. They live in northern South America, usually in Northern Brazil, Suriname, and Guyana. These monkeys live up to 34-46 years! Because they are able to climb and jump they live in higher areas in trees. They verbally communicate with actions using their bodies or surroundings. They sleep in groups of bands, including several females, their infants and some males. This species was classified as vulnerable (VU) in the year of 2008 meaning they are very endangered right now. There are about 250 red faced spider monkeys left in the world. I predict that in 100 years there will hardly be any left. Because of climate change, the rainforests will struggle to generate their own rainfall. Which will result in less luscious, leafy trees that provide food for the red faced spider monkeys. They will become malnutritious and shrink in size.