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The rainforest is a big factor of climate change, and considering the fact that the rainforest is home to parrots, parrots will have to adapt to the effects of climate change. Climate change impacts parrots because the Co2 affects their habitat (the rainforest) and the organisms that live there, such as plants, and insects, that parrots thrive on. Co2 increases the average temperature, and therefore animals affected by these changes have to learn to adapt. Parrots handle heat better than they handle cold temperatures, but an abrupt change in heat can cause them to get sick and even cause them to suffer from heat stroke. Feathers are meant to keep birds warm, but because of the change in heat, Parrots need to lose feathers so they don’t overheat. Due to climate change, parrots' appearance will drastically change from loss of feathers and the change of habitat.