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The Lar Gibbon is a primate located in the rainforests of Southeast Asia. They currently spend most of their time up in the treetops, but 1000 years from now they would probably be more terrestrial than arboreal. This means they would live on the ground rather than up in the trees. Lar gibbons would develop heavy pads on their hands and feet and develop claws from walking on the group. The lar Gibbons also would become skinnier because of loss of food and they are hunted for their meat, meaning only the skinny ones would survive. Because their food is mainly sourced from trees, logging and deforestation can make them scrawnier. Lar Gibbons currently have heavy coats that cover their body, in 1000 years their coats may thin out because of warmer weather and loss of nutrients from food. These are some ways that the Lar Gibbon would adapt.