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I have chosen a red-eyed tree frog (RETF). RETFs are amphibians. Their body is about 2 inches long and their life span is 4-5 years. They have an extra eyelid. They are nocturnal in nature. RETFs appeared 10 million years ago. They are found in South Mexico, South, and Central America. RETFs live in rainforests because they need to stay moisturized. But due to climate change, they may go through skin adaptation. That is, they may turn into reptiles for summer and stay as amphibians for winter. During scorching summers, it will have scales to prevent over-sweating. The scales, which can be named Amphi-scutes, provide protection from predators and regulate body temperature. In winter, the scales soften into mucusy oil that acts as a blanket, similar to penguins. During summer, the scales harden again, as a cycle. Also, in summer, RETFs may store water in their pouch (like a pelican).