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The red brocket deer lives in the rainforest. This creature eats grass, green roots of trees, fruits, seeds, fungi, and sometimes other animal matter. In dire times, this animal might eat tree branches and stems of small plants. It camouflages with trees, dirt, and rocks that are brown, red, or brownish-reddish. The rainforest could be dried up because of global warming, it could also have deforestation happen, making it inhabitable. When the environment changes to that, the deer could eat some other animal matter, and dead branches, and may need to go into cities if they can find fungi to where garbage is put, abandoned places if any, and other things like that. It would have more teeth to eat dead branches that have hardened. The camouflage may be with rocks or caves, and during a scarcity of food, they could eat the small number of insects that could find.