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The animal I chose was the Toucan. Toucans live in tropical rain forests and they eat wild berries, rodents, lizards, insects, and small birds. They have large, colorful bills which they use to reach for food on far branches. Toucans weigh two pounds and 25 inches in length. Toucans live in trees and get their food there. Climate change is getting worse everyday now, and it is destroying animal habitats. The weather had been getting so much hotter that the Toucan had to move near the water in order to keep cool. Since there are more trees being chopped down and deforestation is becoming a bigger problem the Toucan has not had an easy time finding food. Because of the lack of food the Toucan can find, his feathers have lost some of their color. To help him get around in the water, he has webbed feet but less feathers.