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The animal I have chosen was the sloth. Today, most sloths rest horizontally on trees in the rainforest. With long arms and shaggy brown fur, this animal is very lazy. They're 2-2.5 feet long and have a low metabolic rate spending 15-20 hours a day sleeping. Usually, a sloth will weigh from about 8-17 pounds. Also, they have big eyes, flat heads, tiny ears, and curved long claws on every foot. Later in the future, I think the rainforest will be mostly just bodies of water. Due to ice caps melting, the sloth will adapt to the new environment and now will have scales to swim. There will probably be only a bit of land, but mostly water. Despite the new addition of scales, I feel it will mostly stay the same besides they will be awake more because it will be harder to survive in the new rainforest.