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The animal I chose was the Emerald Tree Boa, it is a non-venomous boa species found in the rain forests of South America. The Boa has scaly light green with white lines on it. These snakes are usually found in trees.The emerald tree boa is a carnivore. Its diet consists of arboreal rodents, squirrels, monkeys, lizards and bats. It sometimes will consume birds. In the future the boa will have to deal with pollution and deforestation. The trees will eventually become bare and colorless because of pollution. Deforestation is a problem because all of the snakes would be in a concentrated area. They would have to fight for food and most boa’s would become skinny and food would be scarce. The snake at one point will evolve to become brown to match with the barren forest. They will also have a smaller population because of the lack of food.