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The animal that I chose is an okapi. Today, The okapi live and sleep and eat in the Ituri Rainforest in northwest Democratic Republic . The okapi are very nice lokking creatures! They are very tall standing at 5 feet. It’s legs are covered in black and white stripes with a big brown body. The okapi is like a giraffe,horse,and zebra combined! Their ears help them listen to very light sounds. The okapi are endangered with an estimate of 5,00o of them left and a estimaate of 33,000 of thme trying to survive in the wild. They are getting extinct because of illegal hunting etc. Deforestation along with changing climate in central america. This led to them leaving their habitat and running away and trying to survive in the wild. By 250 we shouldn’t have okapis left and they will lose their stripes and just be brown.