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Future Creatures Challange-Capybaras The animal I chose for the Future Creatures Challenge is the capybara. In the future, capybaras will live in overpopulation. This is due to the fact that their natural predators are jaguars, caimans, and anacondas. They are all either endangered or their population will dwindle in upcoming years. Without any natural predators, capybaras will inevitably overpopulate. While this may not seem like an issue, there is deforestation and climate change at hand. A capybara’s diet consists of eating 6-8 pounds of grass a day, plus eating their own feces. If there is an overpopulation, there won’t be any grass left in their habitats. Trees will become sparse with deforestation being a big cause of endangerment and extinction. Capybaras can also swim in rivers and ponds. With increasing global warming, if the natural sources of water dry up, capybaras will die of thirst.