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This animal Camouflage in the trees. This animal is a jaguar. These animals are excellent swimmers and climbers, this means that they can climb trees and take baths in the water. Trees and water might not be here anymore because people are taking this stuff down in the rainforest.If these animals don't have this rainforest they might not survive. Right now their is around 173,000 jaguars in the world right now. This a jaguar reason of adaptation.Jaguars are exceptional swimmers to accommodate living style.One type of adaptation for these jaguars are there super strong jaw.Jaguars have jaws and a large head especially equipped for piecing the skull of their prey with their canines.Behavioral adaptations of jaguars include the ability to swim,nocturnal lifestyle,and hunting techniques.These jaguars have camouflage skin so they can run up on their prey and bite it in.