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Hey do you want to learn about Dendrobates Tinctorius Dart Frogs? Well I got you,read this Essay to learn about Dendrobates Tinctorius Dart Frogs. Did you know why do Dendrobates Tinctorius Dart Frogs have the word dart in their name? Well I will tell you why. They have it in their name because of their poisonous skin and they also get the name because, hunters rub their darts on the Dendrobate Tinctorius Dart frog's. Because, their poison darts are used to kill small animals. I bet you never heard or learned that before. Also did you know these Poison Dart frogs need to live in the rain forest. They live in the rain forest because, the damp weather keeps their skin moist. Also Dendrobate Tinctorius are highly poisonous because they are highly toxic if consumed. It produces pumiliotoxins. Now you know all about Dendrobate Tinctorius Dart Frogs bye!