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Due to climate change the Daintree Rainforest is predicted to experience many droughts. Because of this I believe that it will become a dense shrubland with few trees and orange, dry dirt. My creature is a zebra finch, the zebra finch is a very social animal that hunts, migrates and even breeds in groups. Their coloring is mostly beige to black with a bit of orange and chestnut. They also have adapted to identify other finches by sound, dwell near or in urban areas, and survive for long times without water. My new future creature is called Arantius Guttata(Meaning Orange Speckled). I think that the finch will adapt to have oranges all over their bodies instead of in selective places. And they might dwell in urban cities more often, alternatively they could live in the old Daintree and develop stronger legs to push off of low shrubs.