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So far, chimpanzees are doing well thriving in rainforests and forests alike. However, there are problems for the future. For the first part, chimpanzees are endangered, meaning that there are not a lot of chimpanzees to begin with. Second of all, deforestation is causing chimpanzees to lose forests at an extremely fast rate. My prediction for the fate of the animal is very grim, for it does not involve extinction, but rather enclosement for the rest of time. Chimpanzees, by upwards of 100 or even 1000’s of years, will lose all of their forests, and will have to be in enclosed spaces for the rest of the time they exist. Due to this enclosure based environment, they will grow very fat due to the large amounts of food the zoo keepers feed them, and will start to lose the ability to swing around and climb the treetops.