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The blue poison dart frog currently lives in wet, tropical forests in Central and South America. It eats small insects, including ants and termites, which live on the forest floor. They capture prey using sticky, retractable, flat, long tongues. It is about two inches long. The future climate will be harsher with hotter and drier summers. Rainforests will change into savannahs with fewer trees. The blue poison dart frog will develop characteristics of a desert frog. It will have rough, brown, moisture trapping skin, which helps it survive in dry climates and blend in. It will become nocturnal, avoiding the Sun. It will bury underground in hotter weather, sealing the cave with mucus. They will reproduce in rainstorms, laying eggs in temporary pools and grow up without the tadpole stage. They will have retractable, sticky, straw-like tongues with hollow and smooth insides for sucking up insects.