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My animal is a jaguar, and it lives in the dark, shady understory of the rainforest. The jaguar's adaptations are: thick yellowish-orange fur with dark spots that blend into its surroundings. Jaguars also have sharp, retractable claws for tearing the skin of their prey, and finally, a thin, long tail for balance. After climate change, the jaguar's environment will change significantly. These changes include increased temperatures, decreased water, and also will reduce the speed of plant growth. These changes create a savanna-like environment. In order for the jaguar to survive, these changes must be changed: Light fur with light brown spots so that it can camouflage itself in the savannah environment, thicker and wider nails to help dig underground dens to keep cool, and finally the jaguar would have no tail because it won't need to balance in trees.These changes will change my jaguar in the future.