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Slow lorises live inland in the rainforest, but in the future there will be fewer trees and plants for shelter and food. Presently slow lorises ate small critters and vegetables. Slow lorises currently have the ability to store poison in their elbows, lick them and deliver a poisonous bite. In its future form it can also spit poison on its sharp nails to have poisonous claws and have a long tail with a poisonous barb. With its tail, nails, and bite, these slow lorises can pack a punch and will be able to eat parts of animals twice their size. I will shrink slow lorises' size so they can scamper quickly, be agile, and like cats always land on their feet. Lastly their body/area by their eyes will be green like grass and leaves, and their limbs/head will be the color of trees so they can camouflage.