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The Black Panther is a descendant of jaguars and leopards that lives in forests in Southern and Southeast Asia. The black panther’s present adaptations are its camouflage, so it can be stealthy at night, well built muscles used for swimming and traversing rocky environments, and tree climbing. However, in the future, this rainforest ecosystem will become a dry savanna, causing the panther to evolve. The “savannah forest panther” has a new body type similar to cheetahs, allowing them to be more agile when it comes to catching prey. They will also have stripes for camouflage, to match the tall grass at night. They will have a brown underside and a black top which lets them swim in the murky waters. Its paws will become lighter to help it grip to the new trees, allowing it to safely sleep. All of these adaptations will help the panther overcome its new environment.