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The name of the rainforest animal that I chose is the Amazonian Manatee that lives in the rivers in the Amazon Rainforest. As of now the Amazonian Manatee has an adaptation that allows them to close their nostrils to make sure water doesn't get into their lungs along with protective eye coverings and whiskers that act as a sensory tool. But as the climate gets warmer the rivers in the inner part of the rainforest will start to dry and the manatee will have to adapt to land, now they will have legs and arms and a elongated tail to act as support along with camouflage with it's brown color and small grasses growing on it's back, It will be similar to a previous evolution of the sirenian known as the pezosiren portelli which lived on land but now with opposable thumbs to grab food. And that's all of it.