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Sloths are tropical rain forest animals. Sloths are herbivores and they eat plants and not animals.Sloth lives in the higher part of the tropical rain forest in the trees.Sloth live in south america and also when then sun heats up the climate changes for the sloths.Sloths are not endangered animals and also they don't effect other animals because they don't eat them. If in the future people cut down all the trees and plants sloths will have to use their claws to kill animals and use their claws to eat them too.Sloths fight away their predators and their predators are harpy eagles, ocelots,and jaguars and sloths have to fight those predators.Sloth snooze for about 15 hours per day.Sloths are the slowest animals on the face earth but they are the smartest animal. Sloths are the nicest animals alive. I PICKED SLOTHS