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Jaguars are some of the most stealthy and strong animals in the cat family, with strong powerful jaws that could crush spines of prey, along with big, muscular bodies that appear to be more on the larger side, which possibly make it easier to pounce on their enemies and prey. "What might be as powerful as a jaguar?", You might ask me behind your screen. While it's not an animal, climate change and rainforest destruction is just as mighty as the jaguar cat is. With giant machines and toxins in the air, there might be no possible way for these animals to survive. But, what if we could hypothetically CHANGE these animals? Possibly improve them, fix them, but most importantly, help them survive. Save them. Now, with their large, muscular bodies, jaguars COULD. survive on their own. But that's EXACTLY the point! Jaguars can ADAPT on their own to survive.