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Fun Fact: Sloths travel 0.17 miles per hour. I believe in the future, sloths will be walking on the rainforest floor. I believe this because deforestation is happening right now in the rainforest they live in. Deforestation is when trees get cut down to be used for more everyday life supplies like paper products and building materials. Sloths are naturally born to hang on trees with their curled claws. Without the trees, sloths won't be able to eat leaves on the branches or hang on branches. This will force them to become ground animals. Lucky for them, they will still have their sharp claws and teeth to protect them from their predators. Sloths have brown- flakey fur with algae growing on them. This helps them blend in with tree branches and leaves. In the future, sloths will be able to blend in with the dirt and bushes.