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In the future I think the fossa will be different. The Fossa today have very fearsome claws to climb trees and eat their prey. The Fossa might be different by having stronger and bigger teeth. The Fossa also has sharp teeth to eat their prey, along with a long tail to move through trees and catch their prey. In the Future the Fossa will have a longer tail to run fast and catch their prey. The Fossa’s main source of food is lemurs. The Fossa needs to climb trees to get to their prey. Therefore they will need sharper claws to climb trees and catch the lemurs. Fossa’s are usually in solitaire except for breeding season. The Fossa might change by being with more Fossas not in breeding season. Fossas depend on a forest to survive. Fossas are cold blooded so if the environment changes the Fossas may go extinct.