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Three-toed sloths are the slowest animals on earth. When they poop they become incredibly picky. They usually sleep up to 15 to 18 hours everyday. Sloths can rotate their head 300 degrees. You can find them in the tropical rainforests of Central and South America including Brazil and Ecuador. When they have low energy, they eat types of fruit, twigs, and leaves. For defense they have teeth and 3 to 4 inch long claws. Since global warming hit, the Three toed sloth has been in trouble. Their hair is going to be thicker because they're going to be in the water. They’re going to swim in the water and hide because they’re habitat is getting cut down by lumberjacks. Since there will be no more fruits and berries, the Three toed sloth will have to eat seafood like fish, crab, and lobster. That's why sloths are in big trouble.