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The Black Caiman is one of the top predators in the Amazon, but in the future it will struggle to survive. As the river evaporates, Caimans will be more exposed to other predators and extreme heat and have to adapt into a Sticky-Foot Caiman. The Caiman will have to adapt for survival on land. The Caimans will migrate to a shady and moist area under the canopy of the central Amazon where they will be vulnerable to predators like Jaguars. Caimans will shrink in size due to lack of available food and will also adapt by becoming lightweight and growing sticky feet to climb dead trees where they can attack new types of food like sloths and birds. Since there will not be much water it will lose its ability to swim because it's an unused adaptation. That's how the Black Caiman will survive and adapt into the Sticky-Footed Caiman.