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The Philippine Eagle is a predatory bird, preying on Macaques, and Mammals. Hunting such large animals, this bird has a specialized beak and talons. The sharp beak is High-Arching, this bird also has extremely sharp talons to further assist in hunting. Another adaptation are its wings and tail, their unique shape allows the bird to fly almost vertically through trees. The Philippine Eagle has amazing camouflage, helping it ambush prey. The prediction on how these adaptations will change is brought into the fact that with warmer waters from Global Warming, Hurricanes will become more common, flooding the land. The Eagle will have to adopt new camouflage, to match the now swamp-like habitat. It will evolve longer legs to wade if necessary, a longer beak for the larger fish swimming into the river from the Oceans. It will keep its wings and tail shape and its signature head crest for maneuverability.