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As our climate changes, the temperature, and the water levels will rise causing vertebrae animals to acclimate to their habitat. Animals such as the King Cobra snake will need to learn to adapt. Currently, King Cobras are known in several different habitats across Southeast Asian Rainforests. I expect the King Cobra to adapt to more of a water environment. I believe in 1,000 years, King Cobras will grow gills and fins, spending most of their lives in the water. Currently, King Cobras can grow to eighteen feet and are yellowish-green, brown, or black in color. In 1,000 years, they will be silver and white to blend in with the water so they can hunt for prey. Currently, they eat small mammals and even other snakes. However, in 1,000 years, I believe that they will eat small fish. King Cobras will continue to be beautiful, exotic creatures and rule their environments.