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A Boa Snake is a snake in the tropical rain forest. Boa snakes aren't venomus. Boas can live up to 35 or more years. Boas are excellent swimmers but they don't go into the water most times. Boas wrap their bodies around their prey until the prey can not breathe. Boas are large snakes and are intelligent and active. They are found in low land tropical rainforests in the Amazon regions of South America. Boas eat small birds, rodents, and lizards. They can grow to lengths between 6-14 feet, or longer! In the future, Boas will lose their natural habitat and will be forced to live only in trees since the bottom of the rainforest will all be underwater. They will also need to learn how to swim in order to catch prey. This means that they will need to develop gills in order to stay under water.