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Some current adaptations of a kinkajou are, 1. long body which helps it have agility while moving. 2 rounded head and ears which helps him by having better hearing. 3. is slightly webbed feet to propel in water. Some future adaptations that i think that would help a kinkajou in the future are 1. is they can hang upside down during feeding which helps them get to their food easier. 2. they eat whatever fruit is abundant. My future creature's environment is a rainforest. It is not going to be in trees. My 5 physical adaptations are 1. Paws for making their underground houses.2. No more tail because they are not in trees anymore.3. Better eye vision to spot predators. 4.Bigger ears because since they are in the ground now, they will have to listen better to surround for predators. 5. Longer legs to help them run fast.