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The Amazon Rainforest is home to the Bald Uakari. This hairy, blood-red faced primate forages for fruit and rests in trees. It has been over 1,000 years and in consequence of long-term climate change, this rainforest has mutated into a savanna, with long grass and few trees. They are now the Grass Faced Uakari. Their faces and bodies are cloaked with honey-brown, shaggy hair. Their fur has grown in great extent, which gives the appearance of a lion’s mane. And instead of red faces, females find big manes more attractive. They camouflage with savanna grass as they can conceal themselves from predators. They put their back face-up and their head tucked-in, to look like the savanna grass. With their troops of over 150, they sleep tightly packed. They fight together to better protect themselves. They spend most of their day searching for water and grub like grass and insects.