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In the present a panda's color is black and white, and they mostly get that color from eating bamboo. The bamboo helps change the color of the panda because it mostly eats the stems of the bamboo. But in the future climate change will get worse and make bamboo extinct. Because of the bamboo going extinct panda’s won't be able to eat the bamboo. When the panda’s can’t eat the bamboo, the black color fur will fade into white. So the panda’s color will change into all white. Since the bamboo is gone, the panda’s diet is going to change because that's mostly what they eat. Panda’s eat 26-84 pounds of bamboo a day, and they won't be able to have that diet anymore. Because they can’t eat bamboo panda’s main food to eat would be stems and roots and leaves. That's how climate change changes the panda’s habitat/look.