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Manatees are one of the most fascinating rainforest creatures out there and I will be telling you some adaptations that they have now and in the future. Manatees inhabit rivers, bays, canals, and coastal areas that are sometimes swampy. One of the Manatees most special adaptations is that they can close their nostrils so water doesn't get into their lungs. Manatees can swim at top speeds about fifteen miles-per-hour but usually cruise at two to six miles-per-hour. Manatees can hold their breath for twenty minutes but usually come up for air every five minutes. Since climate change can affect the seasons, I think a new adaptation for manatees in the future is that they would have thicker hair. They would need thicker hair because the water would be colder in winter. In conclusion more hair would help manatees navigate the ocean better since manatee hair acts as an antenna.