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The Keel-billed Toucan, found in South American rainforests, is known for it’s large, colorful bill. With their beaks, they can reach food and peel fruit with it’s serrated edges. The bright colors blend in with the tropical trees. Also, toucans have two front toes, two back toes, and small talons to help them grip tree branches. Due to their small wings, they spend most of their time hopping around in the trees. Sadly, forest degradation is destroying their habitat and food sources. Soon, their beautiful beaks may lose color to blend in with the bare habitat. A smaller, smoother beak might be more convenient for picking berries. Their talons can grow stronger to fight predators, and their feet might evolve to three toes in front and one in back. Lastly, their wings will become more aerodynamic so they can make longer, higher flights due to the loss of trees.