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Jaguars frequently reside in tropical habitats that are near lakes, rivers, and inland wetlands.The jaguar is able to blend in with its cheetah print. Jaguars can survive temperature extremes in the short term, but if weather events become more frequent and there are fewer food sources available, the population will drop quickly. Hunting jaguars and their prey as well as habitat loss due to deforestation may make the declines worse.Rising sea levels brought on by climate change may produce a flood in coastal rainforests. Due to climate change, jaguars will loose trees and plants they need to survive, they will loose their prey. Their habitats will become very dry. Wet places will get wetter, and dry areas will get dryer. Degradation of the forest is a result of climate change. The Amazon would be a barren swath of shrublands rather than lush forests teaming with biodiversity.