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The three-toed sloth is an animal that likes to sleep in trees. The trees provide shelter from blustery weather and sunlight. The sloth has a brown coat of fur to camouflage with tree branches. If a predator is nearby, the sloth’s defense is to hide in a tree. In the future, due to deforestation, most trees will be cut down. Because of this, sloths will be a meal for a predator. I made my sloth have a smaller stomach so it would need a smaller amount of food to survive. Besides that, sloths are slow because they have a low metabolism rate, reducing their energy. To increase the sloth’s metabolism rate, I made it an omnivore, so the sloth could also eat meat. My sloth would have grey fur to blend in with smoke. I gave the sloth sharper claws to catch prey, and stronger legs to run and jump.