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In both images, the frogs live in a rainforest. There, they eat crickets, flies, and other small insects. They also cling to branches and tree leaves. This rainforest underwent deforestation which affected the frog since they need trees to survive and oxygen levels would decrease. Deforestation shrinks the frog's habitat leading to habitat loss. Many of the frogs rely on camouflage from trees to protect themselves from predators. Without being able to use camouflage, the frogs will be at a risk of death. In addition, deforestation affects climate change since the carbon in the atmosphere would increase while the oxygen levels decrease. This affects the frogs since they are losing their only oxygen supply. If this continues, the frogs and other animals could die out from not having enough oxygen. All in all, deforestation affects the frogs in a negative way which is why preserving the rainforest trees is necessary.