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The Green Iguana is a colorful reptile that has many adaptations that help it stay alive. It lives in the rainforest of Mexico and throughout South America. The green Iguana has the ability to camouflage into colors of their habitat to hide from predators. The Iguana has hands with long sharp claws and a long tail for balance. The Iguana uses water to conceal from predators. Spikes running down the body help defend themselves and protect from the predators. The future Green Iguana will have to adapt to a Savanna since Earth temperatures increased. Their main defense is camouflage since they don’t have a green environment; the Green Iguana would stay away from predators by burrowing a hole. It has the ability to camouflage very well in their surroundings. Overtime, they will adapt their color to match the environment of sunlight. The Green Igauna has adapted in many ways.