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Present Spider Monkey In the Amazon rainforest, with 1,500 mm and 3,000 mm amounts of rain, the spider monkey has two long arms, legs, and a tail that are all used for climbing. They are around 21 inches long while their tails are 34 inches long. Their main food is fruit. Future Spider Monkey The future spider monkey will be around 12 inches with a 10 inch tail. In my future drawing, the spider monkey is sitting on a log while in the present, it's climbing. As climate change increases, the trees become dryer and die easier with only 300mm of rain. Because of this, there are a limited number of trees, so they won't need their long tails, arms, or legs, as the trees are now easily breakable. Additionally, their appetite would change to leaves, nuts, ect. Because of the smaller diet, they would become smaller.