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River Turtles are usually found in slow moving rivers/streams and ponds.Many freshwater turtles live underwater and sleep underwater.These turtles also lay eggs down near water,due to rising water levels these turtles nests don't usually last very long because of flooding.Turtles could climb trees and lay nests up there but deforestation is also a thing.These River Turtles are now called Flying Turtles,because of these unfortunate problems turtles have no way to stay safe with their nests,If turtles were to live in trees a camofluage adaptation may occur.Their shells and scales will become darker,in a more brown tone to blend in with trees.Turtles will learn to fly around for transportation their front flippers will become skinnier and lighter they will adapt to flapping them just like sea turtles do when they swim.This is why turtles will adapt to flying.