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In today’s times, the Scarlet Macaws inhabit the humid rainforests and rule the tall trees in their flocks. They live in south and north America’s rainforests. They typically live for 40-50 years and eat seeds, nuts, and berries. Over time their habitat has dropped in humidity and has lost about 17% of its land. The rainforest has ultimately turned into a dry desert. The rising temperatures have dried out their food and hatch lings causing them to die out. The scarlet macaw’s colorful feathers have faded to brown making them less likely to become prey. The macaws bodies will shrink so that they can disperse heat. In the desert macaws will eat cactus fruit which will give them enlarged beaks. Their wings grow longer to adapt to the environment by removing excess heat from their bodies. To regulate their rising body temperature their legs, ears, and eyes will grow larger.