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November 10, 2022 Future Creature Challenge The jaguar-scientific name panthera onca- lives in the Amazon rainforest. They have many adaptations that help them survive in their environment, such as spotted fur to help them blend in to shadows, stealthiness to help them go about unseen ,an ability to swim and dive, making fish a big art of their diet, and padded feet that let them stay unheard by their predators and prey. Over time, the rain forest where jaguars live will become a savanna. They will have to adapt to their new habitats. They will have to lose the spots on their fur for camouflage, become sleeker and learn how to prowl about unnoticed without dense vegetation, adapt to eating more land animals, develop tougher foot padding, develop more muscular legs, and gain foot strength for running. The new Panthera sinthus will live among us for many years.