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Three-toed sloths live in the rainforest of Central and South America and are part of the family Bradypodidae, which have large curved claws and long fur. These slow-moving mammals eat leaves, twigs, and buds. In the next 1,000 years, temperatures may rise by 2.31°C, and because of this, Desidatherium soaks up water from pools to cool itself down. It would also become larger due to the mix of gigantic rainforest and woodland trees that produce tons of oxygen and food together to support the sloth’s giant build. The reason for more instead of fewer trees is because Desidatherium could be like a rainforest “guardian” who will not hesitate to attack any human who dares to chop a tree down. The Desidiatherium is larger, stronger, and much faster than the present-day sloths. Desidiatherium is omnivorous and feeds mainly on huge insects and leafy plants.